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System of ventilating pipes at a modern factoryDMT SYSTEM private limited company has developed since 2006, but existed in the industry since
1996. We have got a huge experience supported by multiple implementations in Poland. We are
dealing with complex construction systems, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. For
every order we offer doing a project execution, its implementation, and after the implementation also
the service. Deciding on our company you can count on the full commitment of employees, managers
and owners. Our features are excellent knowledge of the market and available materials, which allows
us to always fulfill your expectations.
The strong side of our company are for sure logistical activities, experience, the mobility of employees
and finally a really good equipment, accessories and tools.
We think, that the great success of our company is its dynamical development and strengthening
bonds to our investors, business partners as well as gaining the new investors.
The constant development of the company can be supported by continuous growing of employment
and the continually increasing equipment and cars base.


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ventilation pipe of an air condition for fresh environmentCertifitates and reference